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Join Us in Creating an Interactive Map of Global Literary Journalism

Manuel Carvalho Coutinho and I (Fitz) are currently embarking on an ambitious project and we need your help! We are putting together a list of works of literary journalism from around the world with the objective of creating a database and, later on, an interactive world map that would be freely accessed to anyone interested – academics, researchers, and readers alike – wherein the user could click on a country and find a list of books and articles of literary journalism from that country.

The idea for this project came after some conversations at IALJS-17 in Poland, where we talked about the need for a platform that could enable scholars to easily find works of international literary journalism and, hopefully, feel inspired to read said works! The objective is to create a database that will be freely available to anyone interested in literary journalism and, hopefully, it can serve as a way to incentivize international studies of literary journalism worldwide!

With this in mind, we felt that the best way to start was to ask for your support!

Since this is a work-in-progress and we are currently in the early stages, this is what we would like to ask you for now:

  • We are looking for at least five books of literary journalism from your country written by journalists and published in the 21st century;
  • We are not looking for books about literary journalism nor are we looking for literary journalism about your country written by foreign correspondents or books written by journalists from your country working internationally;
  • Since this list is international and we hope readers will feel inspired to get these books, we give priority to books that have been translated into different languages (if possible, provide this information when applicable);
  • Additionally, if you know of books of literary journalism outside of your country from local reporters that might enrich this list, please feel free to share (particularly from authors outside of the Anglo-Saxon world)!
  • If possible, provide Author’s Full name (year of publication) Title. City: Publisher.

You can use the form below or email Manuel and Fitz directly.

Jonathan D. Fitzgerald

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