Below each issue of the IALJS newsletter are commendable examples of literary journalism, some of which may be mentioned in the issue.

° Brooks’s “Mis-Educating the Young

° Rosenbaum’s “Magazines, Bring Back the Write-Around!

° Roiland’s “It Was Like Nothing Else

° Huber’s “Being White in Philly

° Roiland’s “A Shot in the Arm

° Packer’s “The Lesson of Tal Afar

° Glasser’s “Covering Politics in Post-Truth America

° Friend’s “Adding a Zero

° Wolfe’s “A City Built of Clay

° Heller’s “The Big Uneasy

° Wolfe’s “The Origins of Speech

° Cassidy’s “Mastering the Machine

° Mendelson’s “In the Depths of the Digital Age

° Kirn’s “Lost in the Meritocracy

° Halpern’s “In the Depths of the Net

° Bellafante’s “Reviving the Village Voice

° Tomasky’s “Trump

° Heller’s “The Cranky Wisdom of Peter Kaplan

° Malcolm’s “The Master Writer of the City

° Taibbi’s “The Great American Bubble Machine

° Trillin’s “Covering the Cops

° DeFord’s “All America, All the Way

° Beard’s “Diary

° Cooper’s “Ebola’s Cultural Casualty

° Mead’s “The Troll Slayer

° Shorto’s “How to Think Like the Dutch

° Berryhill’s “Max Soffar’s Last Appeal

° Friend’s “Thicker Than Water

° Hess’ “Why Women Aren’t Welcome on the Internet

° Fish’s “Scholarship and Politics

° Klein’s “Baghdad Year Zero

° Purdum’s “It Came From Wasilla

° Tynan’s “Salto Mortale

° Yang’s “Paper Tigers

° Heller’s “Laptop U

° Frazier’s “Route 3

° Packer’s “The Broken Contract

° Kirns’ “Confessions of an Ex-Mormon

° Cunningham’s “Cause and Effect

° Colloff’s “The Innocent Man, Part I

° Colloff’s “The Innocent Man, Part II

° Remnick’s “Bruce Springsteen at 62

° Gladwell’s “The Order of Things

° Macfarquahar’s “Outside Agitator

° Campbell’s “Iran’s Quiet Revolution

° Freeland’s “The Rise of the New Global Elite

° Filkins’ “The Deep State

° Hessler’s “Dr. Don

° Boyers’ “A Beauty

° Franzen’s “Farther Away

° Lightman’s “The Accidental Universe

° Seabrook’s “Crunch

° Wang’s “Paper Tigers

° Pressler’s “It’s Good to Be Michael Lewis

° Hagen’s “Tweet Science

° Williams’ “Ten Things to Do Before This Article Is Finished

° Hitchens’ “Topic of Cancer

° McPhee’s “Spin Right and Shoot Left

° Rosenbaum’s “Shakespeare in Rewrite

° Wallace’s “Federer as Religious Experience

° Heffernan’s “Anchor Woman

° Packer’s “Dickens in Lagos

° Rice’s “Miss Grundy Was Fired Today

° McPhee’s “Checkpoints

° Rosenbaum’s “Stumpy Versus Lucille

° Mamet’s “Driver’s Ed

° Malcolm’s “Iphegenia in Forest Hills

° Burns’ “What Cats Know About War

° Hastings’ “The Runaway General

° The Economist‘s “Pushtunwali: Honour Among Them

° Dickens’ “On Duty With Inspector Fields

° Chivers’ “When Afghans Seek Medical Aid, Tough Choices for U.S.

° Williams’ “Finding Dolly Freed

° Paterniti’s “Eating Jack Hooker’s Cow

° DeGregory’s “The Girl in the Window

° Crane’s “In the Depths of a Coal Mine

° Grunberg’s “On Armies, War and an Aging Israel

° Jones’ “The Things That Carried Him

° Junod’s “The Loved Ones

° Konigsberg’s “Prairie Fire

° Buford’s “Carnal Knowledge

° French’s “Angels & Demons

° Malan’s “AIDS in Africa

° Wright’s “The Killer Elite

°Legge’s “Clubland

° Boo’s “Swamp Nurse

° Tosches’ “If You Knew Sushi

° Raghavan’s “Anguish in the Ruins of Mutanabi Street

° Blais’ “In These Girls, Hope Is a Muscle

° Preston’s “The Mountains of Pi

° Paterniti’s “Driving Mr. Albert

° Sheeler’s “Final Salute

° Tietz’s “The Boy Who Loved Transit

° Hull’s “A Better Life

° Boo’s “The Marriage Cure

° Anderson’s “Prisoners of War

° Langewiesche’s “City of Fear

° Paterniti’s “The Long Fall of One-Eleven Heavy


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